En partenariat avec CRID Peuples Solidaires

"2014 Pinocchio Awards - Call for nominations"

Friends of the Earth France, in partnership with Peuples Solidaires and the CRID, will organize in November the 7th edition of the Pinocchio Awards.



The success of the previous years is an important incentive to make the 2014 Pinocchio Awards a new major event for activists and the media!


These awards intend to illustrate and denounce the negative impacts of some companies that behave in total contradiction with the concepts of sustainable development and corporate responsibility that they boast of extensively.

Environmental damages, land grabbing, unworthy working conditions, disinformation on social and environmental production conditions, impacts on local communities... we want to highlight the worst cases of violations of environmental and human rights, committed by French companies, or by companies that are known in France.

We need your help to choose the companies that will be nominated for the 2014 Pinocchio Awards!

The conditions are the following:
·    The nominees can only be companies, not public institutions or natural person.
·    Companies must be French, even if their activities occur in another country. We may also nominate non-French companies if their activities occur on the French territory or if they are known in France.

If you think about cases that meet these criteria, please submit them to us by filling this short document and send it to juliette.renaud[at]amisdelaterre.org, before September 1st 2014.

It is possible to propose several companies or several cases for a same company.

You can have a look at the companies nominated the past years here.

The full rules of procedure are available here .

Thank you in advance for your submissions!