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"Sustainable development Pinocchio Awards"

En partenariat avec CRID Peuples Solidaires

The concept of sustainable development as “a model of development that meets the needs of the current generation without jeopardizing the capacity of future generations to meet theirs” is now part of our everyday speeches, thanks to the new keen interest in the protection of environment, the defense of human rights, and in the will of a stronger international solidarity.


Yet, many actors like some of the most powerful worldwide French companies, hijacked this concept for purely cosmetic purposes. A committed speech on sustainable development is thus often used only to hide the real impacts of those companies’ activities, while improving their image to their clients and shareholders.


In 2014, on a planetary scale, virtually no one contests our environmental and social state of emergency. Nonetheless, companies that are playing an important role in the economical sphere did too little progress in terms of social and environmental accountability. It is now time to end the double-speech.


Who lies? Who is “green” only for the show?


Help us revive the public debate so that companies finally assume their responsibilities!

Vote from October 9th!